Canada's Greatest Soccer Fan Event

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What Can I Expect at The Allstate Soccer Show?

    This year The Allstate Soccer Show will return to Toronto, Ontario. You can expect another jam-packed event schedule with exclusive, engaging activities for soccer fans of all ages, including: Meet & Greets with soccer stars, Main Stage panels featuring athletes from Canada Soccer’s Men’s and Women’s National Teams, the Skills Field and the Fun Zone where you can win soccer swag. There will also be interesting exhibitors.
  • How Much Does It Cost to Attend The Allstate Soccer Show?

    The ticket price is still to be determined with all proceeds from The Allstate Soccer Show ticket sales to be donated to a still to be determined, local charity. (In 2023, ticket sales were $5 and KidSport Calgary was the beneficiary of all proceeds from those sales.) Everyone can enjoy all activities at The Allstate Soccer Show for the nominal fee, with one ticket per person, for all ages.
  • What Are the Meet & Greets?

    The Meet & Greets provide fans with the chance to interact with athletes from Canada Soccer’s Women’s and Men’s National Teams (active and retired), NWSL, MLS and the Canadian Premier League. Fans will be able to meet these athletes, get their autographs and pose for a selfie. Please note that there is a limit of one autograph item per athlete. This will enable more fans to meet their soccer idols.
  • Can Every Show Attendee Meet With the Athletes?

    Unfortunately, we cannot offer every attendee a spot in the Meet & Greets, due to anticipated high demand and time limitations. We recommend fans queue up early for the Meet & Greets.
  • What Can I Expect At The Main Stage Presentations?

    The Main Stage Panels and Presentations will feature both Canada Soccer’s Men’s and Women’s National Teams’ stars, and player panels from local CPL teams. Fans will have the opportunity to participate in the Q&As.
  • Can I Win Prizes?

    Yes! There will be prizes to be won throughout The Allstate Soccer Show.
  • Can I Register the Day of the Event?

    Yes. You can register for The Allstate Soccer Show on the day of the event, up until the last hour: however, space is limited so we recommend that you register in advance to guarantee tickets.
  • Why Are Ticket Sales Proceeds Being Donated to a Charity?

    It’s important to The Allstate Soccer Show that it supports the soccer communities in which we appear. Among the ways we can do so is through ticket sales proceeds. Please note that we have not yet selected the local soccer charity to benefit from ticket sales proceeds at this time.